BIg Ideas 2023: Fashion

From the impact of collective activism to the rise of frugal consumerism and smart manufacturing, we highlight the five need to know directions that will impact the fashion industry in 2023
BIg Ideas Fashion
Men’s Knitwear

Core Item Update : Men’s Knitwear A/W 22/23

Inspiration was taken from the beauty of geometric mosaic tiling and abstract 60s and 70s lifestyle prints. This collection is simple yet beautiful.

Brand Collaborations : Key Trends S/S-22/23

We highlight the eight biggest trends emerging from the saturated space of brand collaborations in 2022/23
Brand Collaborations
American Elegance

Design Capsule: Men’s Denim American Elegance A/W 22/23

Look to the handsome and elegant side of Americana to create trend-proof classics that balance heritage, prep and street-wear.

Trend Outerwear:
The Outdoor Boom

As a wave of consumers embrace fresh air and an outdoorsy lifestyle, we explore how retailers can tap into the outdoor boom, from adaptable outerwear to subscription-based starter kits for the new adventurer.
kids’s colorful & Elegance

 Design kids: kids’s colorful & Elegance A/W 22/23

 In line with our Kids’ A/W 23 Re-rooted colorful nature forecast, look to the allotment and be inspired by some of the less-loved garden critters.

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